NiSy is a fashion brand created on 2015, expecting to express
the love for art, fashion and design and the enthousiasm of its creators, into unique and genuine collections.

NISY is a brand that features exclusive handmade shoes of refined and rare  craftsmanship, inspired by the diachronic beauty and unparalleled richness of the
Hellenic heritage.        

All products are made with premium quality materials and rare techniques used by Greek artisants and small local workshops with a long tradition and experience in their craft.

Sensitivity, originality, purity, simplicity, elegance and delicacy are only some of the keywords that characterize NiSy creations.      


Nicky is a fashion lover with a creative mind, that is expressed through any activities she deals with, such as designing, styling or writing.


Ralou is an architect, inditating her designing obsessions in any of her other interests, like design, graphics or photography.

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